The Light Vampire
The Light Vampire
The only known capture of the Light Vampire at work.
Vital statistics
First reported 2015
Last reported 2015
Other names None
Similar creatures Unknown
Countries Unknown
Regions Unknown
Habitats Urban
Status Possible

The Light Vampire is an unknown, small creature capable of flight that expands and then condenses light from artificial sources.


On June 17 2015, Youtuber TSpicer905 uploaded a video showing a time-lapse of his grandmother's neighborhood. During the last parts of the video what appears to be an unknown creature capable of flight lands on top of the nearest light-pole. Suddenly the glow from the light rapidly expands and is slowly pulled back in. A light in a neighbor's front yard across the road shows a similar effect.


Strange thing (creature?) expands light then sucks it back in

Strange thing (creature?) expands light then sucks it back in

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