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See also, the flood myth motif concerning the number seven.

The motif concerning the number eight:

  • On the Sumerian King List, eight antediluvian kings ruled over the course of five cities, before the flood swept over: (1) Alulim, (2) Alaljar, (3) En-men-lu-ana, (4) En-men-gal-ana, (5) Dumuzid, (6) En-sipad-zid-ana, (7) En-men-dur-ana, (8) Ubara-Tutu
  • In the Hebrew Genesis account, there are eight generations named between Adam to Noah:
    • Seth and descendants: (1) Seth, (2) Enos, (3) Cainan, (4) Maleleel, (5) Jared, (6) Enoch, (7) Mathusala, (8) Lamech
    • Cain and descendants: (1) Cain, (2) Enoch, (3) Irad, (4) Mehujael, (5) Methusael, (6) Lamech, (7) Jabal and Jubal; (8) Tubalcain
  • In the Hebrew Genesis account, there were eight survivors of the Great Flood: Noah and his wife, and their three sons and their wives.
  • Josephus comments on the Hebrew Genesis hamite family of Mizraim and his eight progeny: “Now all the children of Mesraim, being eight in number, possessed the country from Gaza to Egypt” (See Generations of Noah, acc. Flavius Josephus).
  • The Ennead are nine beings in Egyptian mythology who were deified at Heliopolis: the progenitor Atum (Mizraim?) and his eight descendants by his children (1) Shu and (2) Tefnut; their children (3) Geb and (4) Nut; and their children (5) Osiris, (6) Isis, (7) Seth, and (8) Nephthys.
  • The Ogdoad (Greek: ογδοάς) meaning "the eightfold", in Egyptian Mythology, are eight primordial deities that were worshiped in Hermopolis. Partnered as male and female, they are: (1) Nu and (2) Nut, (3) Ḥeḥu and (4) Ḥeḥut, (5) Kekui and (6) Kekuit, (7) Qerḥ and (8) Qerḥet
  • In the Babylonian Enûma Eliš are eight primeval deities, partnered as male and female: (1) Apzu and (2) Tiamat, (3) Lahmu and (4) Lahamu, (5) Anshar and (6) Kishar, (7) Anu and (8) Nudimmud.
  • In Easter Island’s indigenous Birdman mythology (Tangata manu), there are eight cheif deities likely associated with the monolithic moai. The monoliths represent deified ancestors, that are erected along the coastline with their backs toward the spirit world in the sea. The eight deities of Tangata manu are: (1) Make-make and (2) his servant; (3) Hawa-tuu-take-take and (4) his servant; (5) Vie Hoa and (6) her servant; (7) Vie Kanatea and (8) her servant.